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Cold weather crockpot magic

We bought a quarter cow awhile ago and still have meat mooing in the freezer, waiting to be made delicious. Polishing off this beef has become my cold-weather objective. So, I took off from work early to do errands and scooted home to get my crackpot on. Crockpot! Stupid autocorrect. Here’s what ensued:
– 1 thawed hunk of beef roast
– cut it into smaller chunks
– patted curry powder on all sides, poured some canola oil in my go-to pan, and seared each side just enough to make it brown.
– threw beef into crackpot (SERiOUSLY autocorrect!) er, crockpot, and added one sliced onion (I had yellow on hand).
– poured a bottle of red curry sauce from Trader Joe’s over it, along with some beef broth.
– put lid on and turned crockpot to “high” at 3:37 pm.
– crossed fingers, as I had no idea what I was doing. I’m a recipe girl and this food freestyling made me nervous.

I had to go get my hair cut, so my husband arrived home an hour later and added a bag of cubed sweet potatoes, also from Trader Joe’s.

We cautiously dug in at 7:32 pm and were pleasantly surprised. There was a tad of heat, and the curry was subtle but noticeable. It did need some salt, though. I think we’ll serve it over rice tomorrow, but overall, this was a tasty, quick to assemble, hands-off dinner that I’ll definitely make again.


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