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B├ęchamel sauce

Bechamel Sauce I’ve always been more of a red sauce kind of gal, but my sister inspired me to explore new pasta-drenching strategies. I didn’t do the “warm the milk up separately” part and it probably would have helped, but I tossed this with zucchini and chicken-apple-sausage from Trader Joe’s and it was tasty. Advertisements

Half-ass (third? quarter?) chicken parm

I don’t even know if this qualifies as half-ass, it’s so easy. – Trader Joe’s frozen chicken tenders – spaghetti – Trader Joe’s marinara sauce (in a can) – shredded mozzarella, Italian herbs, parm, salt and pepper Bake the chicken tenders at 350 for 20 minutes, then add mozzarella, herbs, and parm (though it probably … Continue reading

Umami-oh-my: Pasta with Mushrooms, Chicken and Red Wine

I’m not usually a huge mushroom person, but mushrooms + red wine + Master Mark Bittman = worth a try. This was simple and amazing– probably one of the best things I’ve ever made. The parsley and parm somehow heighten the flavor and make it sophisticated and friggin delish. This is from Bittman’s “The Food … Continue reading